Why they march today..

Some may look at the mass protests (some estimate the crowd at about 50,000 people) and ask, “What’s wrong with them? Are they anti-police?” The truth is, they are anti-police brutality. They are anti-racial profiling. They are protesting against the prison industrial complex that has effectively created and maintained a virtual slave force as Noam Chomsky termed it. They are protesting against the sanctioned murder of unarmed black people.

Why is it strange that people are outraged at these recent murders? I would argue that all one has to possess is a sprinkling of empathy, for the families, the communities, and our society to understand the pain.

Oakland, Ca

But empathy seems to be in short supply and reforms are never demanded, except by the precious few. Things never change, they just become obscured by how Kim K. tried to break the internet, or how the Prince of Wales and his wife were chilling at a basketball game.

It’s time to take those blinders off, because they march peacefully now, but just below the surface lies another Watts, another L.A, another Newark, and another Ferguson. It waits as patience drains away like the blood of Michael Brown as he lay in the street for hours.


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