The curious case of Gov.Gingerbread


So Governor Piyush”Bobby” Jindal, whom I refer to not-so-affectionately as Governor Gingerbread is angling to run for President, despite being frequently absent from his current gig.  This is so he can continue kissing the collective asses of “his” base, despite them probably seeing him as just another brown clown trying to cosy up to them.

Yes, he talks the same talk as the “regular”, but I’m pretty sure that creepy, disingenuous smile will surely turn any voter with even a little bit of sense off. And that’s before they learn of how he’s “run” the state of “Looziana” into the ground.

Bobby Jindal has cut higher education by 82 percent.  Programs are being slashed like a run of the mill horror movie. And like those movies–students are frequently the victims. How can colleges and universities continue to call themselves liberal arts universities, if there are no…. fucking liberal arts?

But that’s perfectly alright with Governor Gingerbread. After all, he can smugly and self righteously pontificate on how he’s saving the state from waste and graft and corruption. He’s a knight in nickel plated armor.

Ask him about how he neutered ethics laws in this state? Ask him about his connections to the Kailas family, and he will shut down tighter than a drum. Ask him how much bread it will take to get a board seat in this state? I thought Edwin Edwards invented corruption. If he did, Jindal has perfected it, and all under the slick veneer of piousness.

So as we go into another year of budget cuts and postering  by the Jindal adminstration, we are left to ask, ” What else is left to cut?” Close another hospital? Oh, I’m sorry..privatize it. Merge a couple universities? No… Let’s just close them.

Yeah, Looziana is doing alright under Governor Gingerbread. Don’t you wonder what he would do on a national scale?  I can see it now: “JINDAL ELECTED 45th PRESIDENT”

And the next day, Macguyver1914 flew to Canada… Never to return…

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