Am I Really a Revolutionary?


“Am I Really A Revolutionary?”

Let me say this…. And this is related to my earlier post. There’s a lot of social media revolutionaries who think they are in the proletariat, but everything they do is designed to enrich and hopefully be a part of the bourgeoisie. They rant and rave about revolution, but it won’t come from your ranks. It will come from the streets. Same as it ever was, jack. If you aren’t doing the real work in the community each and every day, you’re just talking shit in your echo chamber. All you hear back is what YOU think.

Instead of telling folks to pick up a brick, or that Molotov cocktail, take a little break from chasing your bourgeoise dreams and go talk to some kids, or go talk to the people who are on the front lines and lend them a hand. I’m talking about educators, social workers, community organizers, and yes… street folks. But folks won’t do that… that’s the hard work. When confronted with that option, monuments of nothingness are quickly erected–built by excuses.

Go out there and do something to enrich the community. We know what the dominant culture will do, and what they don’t do. But in the meantime there are things WE CAN do. I’m not talking about Facebook and Twitter rants, or poetry readings, book clubs, and DVD’s. I’m talking about giving your time to causes that ENRICH and not destroy our communities. If you’re not willing to do that, or you just don’t have time, then you gotta look in that mirror and honestly answer the question, ” Am I really a revolutionary. #Baltimore #riots #Revolution

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