What’s the matter with Rachel?


Here’s food for thought for those who might be tempted to say that it’s no big deal that Rachel Dolezal lied. Remember that when your significant other comes home from the club or bar with lipstick on his collar, or smelling of cologne that you don’t wear, or smelling of booze, and telling you that he or she was at the overnight service at your local church. At that point, it won’t matter if he or she never lied to you before,  that one time will make you question everything that they ever told you.

Now,  people will question every claim she’s ever made about evil packages sent to her house,  threats against her and her “son,” nooses being left for her etc. How much credibility do you think the Spokane NAACP has now?  I don’t know how much they had before,  but I would imagine that they have less than none now.

I don’t know Rachel Dolezal, but I understand she’s done some great things in her community.  I hope she will begin to face what she’s done in a real way,  and make things right with her family and most of all, the African-American community. It is entirely possible that she feels a spiritual kinship with the African-American community and truly saw herself as a comrade in our struggle against white supremacy. However, this is a rather bizarre and misguided method of doing business. For many people, this speaks to the issue of cultural appropriation, rather than cultural appreciation. And judging from the reaction on social media–it has hit a raw nerve.

dolezal 2

We are a forgiving people and if she is truly “real, ” she will make it right.  If not–she will be forever connected with those who seek to ridicule us with “blackface,” which derived from the minstrel shows of the 19th and early-to-mid 20th century.  And “Wholly Mackerel  ‘dere,” that would be awful. These shows were a part of a dark history (No pun intended) in this country of the ridicule and scorn of those who were subjugated. hqdefault

I have no idea what her motivations were, and are, but I’m left with two questions; has anyone noticed that the news media is almost unconsciously asking, ” Why would this white person want to be black? Who in their right mind would want to be? ” Hmmm… judging by the cosmetics, music, and clothing industry—I would say, a lot of people.



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